PLEASE NOTE THAT 10% OF ALL PROCEEDS  ARE DONATED to Love Has No Color to help the children of Fort Peck Native American Reservation in northeast Montana!!  



I am happiest when I am painting and, in particular, when I am painting animals.  Their spirits move me.  And my goal is to capture that spirit.  If you are interested in commissioning me for a portrait of your animal, I would ask that you  provide a picture of the pose desired along with supporting close-ups for details. All photos will be returned to you upon request.

I will also accept commissions for landscapes and other miscellany.

The accompanying pricing chart specifies the cost of oils by size, framed and unframed.  If framed is selected,  the frame will be chosen to complement the painting.  If you require a specific style of frame, consider choosing unframed and framing it yourself.  Pastels that need to be shipped will be matted and framed to protect the delicate nature of the medium.  Bear in mind when selecting sizes of pastels that the finished product will be larger than the requested size, i.e. a 9x12 pastel will be encased in an 11x14 mat and frame, and an 11x14 pastel in a 16x20 mat, plus frame. 

**Please note that some exceptions may apply to price based upon complexity, however the price will be determined prior to any commitment on your part. 

Shipping will be determined by the size and weight of the finished product.  


SIZE          FRAMED                     UNFRAMED 

11 x 14      325.00  - 350.00        275.00
12 x 16      350.00  - 375.00        300.00
16 x 20      375.00  - 400.00        325.00
18 x 24      425.00  - 450.00        350.00 

Other sizes available upon request. Price to be determined



  9 x 12      200.00          150.00
11 x 14      250.00          200.00