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Hi and welcome to my website!
Over the years, I have tried most artist mediums, but I seem always to return to oils. I find that oils provide the ability for error that water colors, charcoal, and pen and ink do not and, therefore, I can relax knowing if a tree is too large or an animal’s ear is off-kilter, I can remedy it with little concern. Recently, however, I have begun incorporating pastels into my portfolio and am thoroughly enjoying this new venue.

I paint for my own pleasure, for the pet owners for whom I have painted pets, and, hopefully, for yours. My paintings are as realistic as I can possibly make them. Although I admire artists who paint in the abstract, I do not do the method justice. Basically, I paint landscapes and animals. My greatest love is to produce a likeness of someone's pet for them to treasure. The purpose of my landscapes is to draw the viewer into the painting by a path, a creek or some other inviting manner to enjoy the setting. For those of you who are spiritually inclined, I am enjoying a new path - painting power animals in both oils and pastels.

My creations give me a great feeling of accomplishment – an important step in learning to love oneself for who you are and for the talents which are innately yours. Each of us has abilities of which we are sometimes unaware. I invite you to browse through my portfolio and, as you do, get in touch with your own heart and that which would make you feel truly “special”!  Our stay on Earth is limited, make the most of it. Engage your soul - your inner divine self.  Do something you love and that, hopefully, will touch other people’s hearts as well!!

Enjoy mine…then, find your own passion!

All art originals are copyrighted © Cheri Sargent and may be used only by express permission in writing.

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